Company profile

As part of the London listed Lamprell Group, Sunbelt provides state-of-the-art H2S safety equipment and services as well as highly skilled and specialised professionals to the energy industry. With over 40 years of experience, our qualified team of experts are dedicated to creating, strengthening and promoting a strong safety culture within your worksite.

Our vision & values

Our vision is to be a leading safety partner to the energy sector consistently delivering safe, high quality, competitive, on-time solutions for our customers.


Set up to provide strategies and solutions for handling the deadly toxic hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, Sunbelt was established in Dubai in 1979 when the partners of the original ‘Sunbelt – Lafayette’ legacy business based in the US split up.

HSESQ philosophy

Safety is one of our core values. A pervasive culture of safety excellence exists at every level, starting at the very top of the organisation. As part of the Lamprell Group, our executive management team maintain the highest levels of visibility and commitment within the business.