training and supervision

Sunbelt employs a group of highly skilled H2S engineers, consultants and technicians who work with your personnel to ensure that they perform their duties, specifically when working in an H2S environment, in a safe manner. We will train your staff to become well educated and knowledgeable about the dangers of hydrogen sulphide, how to work safely in such an environment and ensure that they know precisely how to handle H2S breathing apparatus and other related equipment.

Our courses in H2S safety awareness and breathing apparatus familiarisation follow the API-RP 49 and 55 guidelines, meets the OSHA requirements and are as per internationally approved standards ANSI Z-390.1 and NFPA.

Safety training courses offered include:

Train the trainer course in accepted practices for H2S safety, ANSI-Z390.1-2010

H2S safety in drilling and production training

Breathing air system and breathing apparatus training

Toxic gas protection training