At Sunbelt safety is a top priority for us. Whether you are working for us, or alongside us, we care about your wellbeing, physical and emotional. We want everyone who is working in our facilities to feel safe and to know who to contact if they wish to make an observation. Below we set out our expectations and requirements in order that we can all feel safe and minimise any risks associated with COVID-19.

What we expect from you

Where we have them in place, walk across our disinfection mats to clean shoe soles
Where we have them in place, pass through our disinfection tunnels unless you have a health reason why you cannot
Obligation to let us know and visit our on site medics if showing any symptoms associated with COVID-19
If you have travelled outside of the UAE (business or vacation), mandatory completion of a travel declaration form
Maintain social distancing in all common/public areas including canteens
Wear masks in all common/public areas (not mandatory in sole occupancy offices)
Only invite visitors to our facilities who are critical and required to  support onsite operations
Follow the instructions of our social distancing champions
Undertake daily temperature checks
Regular hand washing/hand sanitisation
Not coming into our offices if you feel unwell
Conduct meetings remotely using Teams/Zoom etc

What you can expect from us

  • Our total commitment to keeping you safe
  • Security guards will take your temperature on entering the building
  • Security guards will encourage you to use the disinfection tunnels
  • Rigorous and regular cleaning regime with particular focus on ensuring high touch areas are regularly disinfected
  • Regular disinfection and demisting across our offices
  • Where there is a suspected case of COVID-19, our facilities management team will close off a particular area and undertake deep cleansing before anyone is able to re-enter
  • Regular inspections to make sure our mitigation controls are being implemented thoroughly
  • Regular communication on our COVID-19 response and listening to your concerns

Who you should contact if you have any queries or improvement suggestions

If you work for Sunbelt: HSES or HR Department

If you work for a third party: Sunbelt Project Management Team designated contact

This guidance is subject to change in accordance with UAE regulatory requirements.